Developing people

Developing people

Developing people

Our company is formed by a group of people who are committed, responsible, involved and proactive, people who embody our corporate values, represent the Ecoembes identity and are our main driving force.

Our commitment to Developing People can be summarized as follows:


Healthy working environment
Encourage motivation and cooperation to attain a greater sense of belonging to the company.


Training and development of our employees
Attend to the needs and demands of workers to increase their skills and potential so as to allow for continuous improvement and professional turnover.


Work-life balance
Harmonize our employees’ home and family life by offering flexible measures that adapt to real circumstances.


Guaranteed by measures to ensure human rights and non-discrimination, measures that also guarantee the integration and accessibility of persons with disabilities.


Recruiting and retaining professionals
Use objective criteria in the hiring and retention processes through Training and Development Plans.