Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

The Ecoembes Code of Ethics contains the rules, principles and values that the company voluntarily embraces in the performance of its activity and its relationships with the IMS's interest groups.

The Code of Ethics is structured around three basic principles that represent the entity's corporate values and should govern all its activities:

  • Efficiency: This principle has to do with Ecoembes's primary obligation: serving the interests of its shareholders in a responsible and efficient way so as to meet the company's goals and achieve its Mission.
  • Business ethics: In addition to its efficient administration as a business, Ecoembes acts in an ethical way in every situation and towards all its interest groups, complying with applicable laws and rules, and exhibiting the behavior that is expected of a responsible company.
  • Sustainable Development: Ecoembes views this principle as a social and environmental commitment to be respected in the performance of its activities and to benefit its interest groups, it forming an inseparable part of its business model.

Download the Ecoembes Code of Ethics

Ecoembes features a communication channel to report breaches of its Code of Ethics. This "Ecoembes Ethics Channel" is open to all members of the company and its interest groups.

This channel is managed by an independent third party so as to safeguard the confidentiality of the process and the identities of the parties reporting infractions.

If you wish to report something unrelated to a violation of the Ecoembes Code of Ethics, please click here.