The environment and innovation

The environment and innovation

The environment and innovation

Our main activity is environmental, so it’s important that our management and operating processes respect nature, since this will result in an environment that is better protected.

By being so involved with sustainability, our working philosophy focuses on being responsible and efficient. This affects all of our processes: selective pick-up, recovery of packaging waste and its subsequent processing, recycling and recovery, and lest we forget, prevention and eco-design.

In order for the packaging recycling system to work, everyone must do their part: governments, member companies and citizens. To this end some of our resources are devoted to raising environmental awareness. Being aware of the problem of generating waste and acting responsibly is essential to protecting the environment.

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Innovation as a tool

Innovation is present throughout the packaging cycle, from prevention and eco-design, to the transformation into the final product and its eventual return to the market. This way we manage to have a model that is financially and environmentally efficient and long-lasting. It is an essential instrument whose achievement requires the various studies and projects that comprise our main areas of R&D.

All of these actions and our determination to protect the environment make the Ecoembes SIG the best option for managing waste.

Check out our environmental certificates:

The International Certification Network (IQNET)
Environmental Management System Certification (AENOR)