Ecoembes in Europe

Ecoembes in Europe

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EXPRA (Extended Producer Responsibility Alliance) is a European organization founded in March of 2013. Its mission is to defend Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for packaging waste, meaning those obligations to respect the environment and prevention that are applicable to those who market packaged products, from the design phase until said products turn into waste and its subsequent handling. The systems that participate in the non-profit EXPRA are managed by the obliged industry and are guided by the principles of transparency and maximum environmental, financial and social efficiency.

EXPRA has 19 members: Fost Plus (Belgium), Eco-pack (Bulgaria), EEQ (Canada), Green Dot Cyprus (Cyprus), Envipak (Slovakia), Ecoembes (Spain), Ecovidrio (Spain), Herrco (Greece), Nedvang (Netherlands), Oko Pannon (Hungary), Tamir (Israel), Conai (Italy), Pakomak (Macedonia), Greenpak (Malta), Green Dot Norway (Norway), Valorlux (Luxembourg), Eko Kom (Czech Republic), Eco Rom (Rumania) and CEVKO (Turkey).

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Pro Europe is a European organization created in 1995 whose mission is to defend and protect the Green Dot symbol, as well as to grant use licenses to those national Extended Producer Responsibility packaging systems that are interested in its use. The Green Dot has been trademarked in 170 countries so far and 170,000 companies are licensed to use it.