Who are we?

Who are we?

Who are we?

The organization that cares for the environment through recycling and the eco-design of packaging in Spain. We make it possible for plastic packaging, cans and cartons (yellow container) and for paper and cardboard packaging (blue container) to have a second life.

Our Mission is to provide society with a collective response from financial players to the environmental concerns related to the consumption of household packaged products so that we can comply with the legally specified objectives while making the most effective use of the Company’s resources.

We also create social and environmental value for society by promoting environmental education, innovation, efficiency and by creating jobs and an industrial infrastructure.

Origin and Achievements

We were founded in 1996 in anticipation of Law 11/97 on Packaging and Packaging Waste. This law sets out certain obligations intended to aid in the recovery of packaging waste and in its subsequent processing and recycling.

Since our founding we have:

  • Prevented the emission of over 21.8 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.
  • Recycled 22.2 million tons of packaging
  • In Spain alone in 2018 we recycled
  • 75.8% tons of light packaging and 80% paper and cardboard packaging
  • Attaining a recycling rate of 78.8%

Our activity also generates over 42,600 jobs in Spain

Thanks to the coordination of everyone involved in the recycling process (companies, individuals, town halls and recyclers), we at Ecoembes have been protecting the environment for 23 years by making it possible for packaging to be recycled and have a second chance at life.