Studies and Innovation

Studies and innovation

Studies and innovation

The waste management and processing industry has become one of the most advanced in Europe, with 393 recycling facilities and 61 cutting-edge sorting plants. At Ecoembes we are working to apply innovation to the entire packaging life cycle, from its origin until it is given a new life, including the pick-up model and the technology used to recycle it.

The best waste is the one that is not produced and thus does not have to be recycled, as evidenced by our firm commitment to eco-design. Since we started our activity, we have been working with companies to create more sustainable packaging with a reduced environmental footprint. This has already resulted in packaging that is 17% lighter.

Thanks to these initiatives we have been able to save over 528,691 tons of raw materials as a result of the over 48,819 preventive measures developed since 1999.

In this section you can find:


R&D studies on green jobs, the pick-up and processing of waste, recycling, management models and new materials.


Documentation on the Ecoembes Chair through which, since 2004, the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid has offered a Master’s in “Sustainable Waste Management”, a graduate degree designed to train qualified professionals to work in companies and public agencies involved in the management of municipal solid waste.


Various studies on the packaging and consumption of packaged products and the consumer.

At Ecoembes we continue to partner with materials associations, private companies, universities and technical colleges to develop different studies and research projects in an effort to find new technical solutions that optimize every SIG process.