Green Dot symbol

Green Dot symbol

Green Dot symbol

All packaging for products sold in Spain by companies that are members of the SIG managed by Ecoembes will bear the Green Dot symbol, which guarantees that the company is in compliance with the Packaging Law.

The symbol

The symbol is circular and contains two intertwined arrows along a vertical axis. The top arrow must point to the right and have a dark green color, while the bottom arrow must point to the left and have a light green color. However, so as to avoid additional packaging costs, the symbol may be adapted to the colors used on the packaging.

Green Dot symbol

Download the Green Dot Symbol and its technical specifications

Download the Green Dot Symbol vector

Marking on the packaging

The marking must be clearly visible and easily legible and be suitably tough and durable, even after the container is opened.

The Green Dot must be shown at least on the smallest unit packaged for sale; that is, on the product that the consumer can buy off a store shelf. Products packaged together that can be sold individually must each be identified with the Green Dot (e.g. six-pack of a beverage that can be purchased separately).

If, in contrast, the unit of sale is indivisible, the packager can label only the box containing these units (e.g. box of ten teabags; three-pack of tuna cans).

Rules for using the Green Dot symbol

So that the public can easily identify the symbol, it must adhere to the following rules:

  • It cannot be modified under any circumstances
  • It must be printed in its entirety
  • Its proportions must be maintained
  • It must not be accompanied by any other graphics
  • It may only be altered with aproval from Ecoembes