Requesting SIG membership

Requesting SIG membership

Requesting SIG membership

If your company is responsible for marketing packaged products, you may request to join the SIG and thus comply with your obligations as per the Packaging Law.

To do so, complete the following steps:


You will subsequently receive two copies of your Membership Contract, along with the invoive for the Membership Fee.


You must sign both copies of the Membership Contract and fill out the information for the person signing the contract, the annexes pertaining to the Sepa direct debit authorization, to the voluntary declaration of commercial and industrial packaging and to the annual review of your company’s accounts and to a Management Report by an Accounts Auditor.


You must pay the Membership Fee (660€ IVA included for companies with a turnover in excess of 6 million euros a year, and 330€ IVA included for all others).


Once the Membership Contract is received, your company has one month to return both completed copies, along with proof of payment of the Membership Fee, to our offices in Calle de Cardenal Marcelo Spínola 14 / 2ª Planta 28016 Madrid.


ECOEMBES will verify and sign the contracts, one copy of which, signed by both parties, will be returned to the company, along with the documentation and codes needed to fill out the Packaging Declaration


Your company must file one declaration for each of the four periods prior to membership. Once you receive the documentation for the Packaging Declarations, you will be able to fill them out with the aid of the computer software developed by ECOEMBES. They must be filed within one month.


Once filed, you will be billed for the amounts declared in four quarterly installments, pursuant to the Membership Contract. This will complete the membership process.

After joining, your company must file a Declaration every year for the packaging marketed in Spain in the previous reporting period.