Packaging Declaration

Packaging declaration

Packaging declaration

The declaration contains a calculation of the financial contribution to the Integrated Management System (SIG) by the packaged products marketed by the member company during the previous reporting period.

How to fill out the Packaging Declaration

Ecoembes member companies can use two models of the Packaging Declaration:

Ordinary Declaration

Companies must provide detailed information on their products, packaging and annual sales.

Simplified Declaration

Used if the packaged material declared is under 12 tons and the company does not wish to file Prevention Plans through Ecoembes.

Users, passwords and coordinate cards

To make filing the declaration easier, every member company will receive a username and password for the stated signatory of the declaration, as well as a coordinate card.

With these security elements, companies can:

If the signatory of the declaration changes, request new access codes as soon as possible by going to Registered users > Request change of signatory.

When to file Packaging Declaration

Pursuant to Art. 15 of the Regulation that implements Law 11/1997, the annual Packaging Declaration must be file before 28 February. New member companies, however, must file within one month of receiving the signed contract.

If the declaration is not filed on time, the company will be excluded from the annual report that Ecoembes sends to the autonomous communities on 31 March on the reporting companies.

A delay in filing the declaration also entails a financial penalty, as stipulated in the Ecoembes membership contract (Clause 13.4).