Simplified declaration

Simplified declaration

Simplified declaration

This type of declaration is an alternative for those companies that meet the following two requirements:

  • The total weight of the packaging material to be declared does not exceed 12 tons.
  • The company does not file its Corporate Prevention Plan (PEP) through Ecoembes.
  • Requirements

    material to be declared does not exceed 12 tons. Company does not take part in Ecoembes PEP.

  • 6 categories

    0-1 tons
    1-3 tons
    3-6 tons
    6-8 tons
    8-10 tons
    10-12 tons

  • Send

    in online or by postal mail.

  • Single annual fee

    based on tonnage category indicated, regardless of the type of material.

Companies that are eligible to fill out the simple declaration need only indicate which of the six tonnage categories corresponds to them, based on the total amount of packaging material marketed in the previous reporting period.

File online

We recommend this option due to the security, speed and convenience it offers versus the physical shipment. Companies can fill out the simplified declaration online using the username and password assigned to the signer of the declaration.

We recommend going directly to the Simplified Draft Declaration option, which automatically imports the data from the previous year’s Simplified Declaration. This option only requires your approval and you can send it in using the codes and coordinate card supplied.

  • 1
    Go to the Ecoembes portal


  • 2
    Log in

    Using your Ecoembes supplied username and password.

  • 3
    Simplified Declaration

    Go to the sections “What do you want to do?” or “Declaration”.

  • 4
    To file it online

    Enter two codes from the coordinate card.

More information on the simplified declaration

Commercial packaging can also be included in the total packaging tonnage calculation if the company wishes to declare it voluntarily, though in no case can the total exceed 12 tons. If it does, an ordinary declaration has to be filed with the relevant details.

Regularization: the simplified declaration is exempt from regularization except for those companies that during the calendar year associated with the declaration exceed 12 tons of packaging marketed.

Invoicing: the annual amount will be billed only once, in March of each year, payable by 30 June, except for new members, which will be billed once the membership is formalized, with payment due within one month of the invoice date.

New member companies: companies in the process of becoming members that have not filed their declarations must send in a packaging declaration for each of the last four years and for the current year, unless they can prove they did not have any commercial activity.

Access the Simplified Declaration online (using access codes)


Simplified Declaration Printed Forms