What packaging has to be declared?

What packaging has to be declared?

What packaging has to be declared?

The Packaging Law specifies that companies are responsible for packaged products that are likely to be purchased for consumption by individuals.

Packaging is any article made with materials of any nature that is used to contain, protect, handle, distribute and present goods, from raw materials to finished products, anywhere along the manufacturing, distribution and consumption chain.

In the case of commercial and industrial packaging, companies can transfer the responsibility for the packaging to its last owner.

The following must be declared and paid for in the SIG (SIG Format):

Compulsorily: packaging consumed by individuals.

Voluntarily: as long as local agencies are responsible for handling the waste: Commercial packaging.

Considered commercial packaging is all that which is for internal use and consumption by stores or service providers, whenever it is not to be acquired for consumption by the public.

In contrast, there is packaging for which companies do not have to pay into the SIG:

Commercial packaging: when the responsibility for handling the waste is transferred to its final owner (instead of voluntarily including the packaging in the SIG).

Industrial packaging: always to be included in the NON-SIG section of the declaration. Industrial packaging is that which is for usage and consumption related to the economic activity of industries and farming or livestock operations.

Reusable packaging: Reuse refers to any packaging that is designed to be used a minimum number of times over the course of its life cycle. This type of packaging shall be regarded as packaging waste when it is no longer reused.

Packaging marketed using a deposit and return system..

Even so, member companies can provide information on this packaging (NON-SIG Format) in the declaration - without this implying the need to make a payment – if they want Ecoembes to help them comply with the legal requirement to inform the Autonomous Community on all packaging material or if they take part in the Ecoembes Prevention Plans.

Special cases

  • Distribution brands: if the packager identifies itself on the label with “Packaged by” followed by its name, brand, etc., such that it can be unequivocally identified as the packager, it shall be responsible for complying with its legal obligations. If it does not identify itself, the owner of the distribution brand under which the product is marketed shall be responsible.
  • Imports: packaging marketed that originated abroad or was purchased in another European Union member state is subject to the exact same declaration criteria as all other packaging.

For distribution brands, the importer is required to declare. The foreign Company must not do it in any case.