Declaring bags

RD 782/1998 of 30 April establishes that the bags delivered or purchased in shops for transporting goods by consumers are only one packaging and the person responsible for them is the owner of the shop that supplies them.

However, there is the possibility for manufacturers, EU purchasers or importers of said bags to voluntarily act as intermediaries between the Shop and Ecoembes.

Therefore, you may request any bag manufacturer or supplier voluntarily adhered to Ecoembes by signing this Agreement, to manage the declaration and the contribution for the Green Dot for the bags your shop places on the market. In such case, it is the manufacturer of the supplier who charges the cost of the green dot. This amount must appear explicitly on each invoice issued, so you can verify and evidence you complyance with your legal obligations.

This agreement will only be valid for bags delivered in shops and in no case will it be applicable for any other kind of packaging. 

Access the legal compliance document here: Voluntary agreement between Ecoembes, one-use-only bags and the Shop//Distribution.

You hace different procedures depending on the characteristics of your business. Get to know them.


If you are a shop

You have different procedures depending on the characteristics of your business.

Individual adhesion 


If all premises under the name registered name and tax id number have a joint useful selling surfaces open to the public exceeding 500 sqm would have to do the Individual Adhesion.

They must fill and send the Adhesion Request. Upon receiving it, from Ecoembes we will send the adhesion contracts for signature, as well as the adhesion fee invoice.

  • Including bags as any other packaging in the Annual Packaging Declaration to be submitted before the 28 February.
  • Requesting your bags manufacturers/suppliers that have entered into the Voluntary Agreement with Ecoembes that prepare the declaration for the bags under their name that they include on the invoice the cost corresponding to the green dot.
  • On an annual basis, from Ecoembes we will send an Information Declaration to the shops that have opted to declare the bags they supply to their clients through their manufacturer/suppliers, detailing the amounts declared by them in the year immediately before for confirmation.
  • In the Annual Packaging Declaration that all companies adhered must submit before 28 February, the bags whose green dot cost the manufacturer/suppliers did not include in the invoice, as well as the other packaging for which they are responsible, will be included.

Joint adhesion 


If all premises under the name registered name and tax id number have a joint useful sellling surfaces open to the public exceeding 500 sqm would have to do the Individual Adhesion


Instead of the individual adhesion, they may opt for a collective adhesion through any association or organisation that has already entered into a “Collective Adhesion Agreement” with us. In such case, the shop would not have to sign an agreement with us nor pay an Adhesion Rate.

For more information in groups that have entered into a contract with Ecoembes, please contact the Bags and Distribution Companies Area on the phone number +34 91 567 24 03.


The shops that opt for this collective adhesion would contribute through these organisations for the packaging placed in the market and, since they are not individually adhered to Ecoembes, they would not have a direct relationship with the SIF and would not submit an Annual Packaging Declaration.


If you are a bags manufacturer or supplier

You may also follow two different procedures when preparing the bag declaration.

On a voluntary basis, they may enter into the “Voluntary agreement between Ecoembes, one-use-only bags manufacturers and the Shop/Distribution". After filling and receiving the Manufacturer’s Adhesion Request, we will send them the Customised Voluntary Agreements for signature

To be submitted when the calendar quarter corresponding to the declaration has passed. In this declaration, which will be filled through the Internet, they will have to identify the clients for which they submit the declaration, as well as the amounts of each material sold during the quarter.

This quarterly declaration must be submitted even if during the quarter no client has requested this action, stating in this case a zero amount.

From Ecoembes we will provide the adhered bags manufacturer/supplier a user and a password to access said declaration from our website

More information for the bags declaration

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