Awarding process

Awarding process

Awarding process

As part of the agreements signed with the regional governments, the Entity must place into operation a packaging sorting plant and inform us if it wishes for Ecoembes to handle the sorted material (formalization of the agreement to accept the corresponding materials).

This way, Ecoembes accepts the responsibility for designating the recoverers/recyclers of the various materials sorted at the plants.

Awarding procedure

The process of designating the materials relies on the Ecoembes ISO 9001 Procedure for Awarding Materials from light packaging and remaining waste (bulk trash) sorting plants, which is periodically audited.

The calls for bids are published on our website and open for public tender. You can download the file and bid as specified therein. Each call for bids will remain published at least until the day following the deadline for the receipt of bids.

Calls for light packaging plastic, steel and food/drink carton materials are by area, each of which has several sorting plants.

In the case of light packaging aluminum and paper/cardboard materials, the calls are by sorting plant. Lastly, in the case of bulk trash, the calls are by remaining waste (bulk trash) plants.

General tender conditions

The tender document includes the following general conditions:




Contract duration.


Deadline for presenting an offer.


Offer reference number.


Amount expected to be awarded, based on the best available forecast (does not constitute an agreement to deliver a specific amount of material).


Request for financial offer.


Formula for revising the price and periodicity (if any).


Date Awarding Committee is expected to meet.


Other aspects that may be relevant.

Presenting offers

Companies wishing to take part must fill out and send in the document for presenting offers that is included in the call for bids document.

Offers must be received by Ecoembes in a sealed envelope before the deadline specified in the call for bids document. Offers received by other means or after the deadline will not be considered in the awarding process.

Adjudications are made by the Awarding Committee, which is made up of Ecoembes and verified by an independent auditor.

These conditions are subject to change. Any changes will be suitably detailed.