Areas of work and research

Areas of work and research


Pickup, processing and recycling: Optimization and impact analysis

This line of work includes all those studies and projects involving the pick-up, processing and recycling processes. Of special relevance is the application and development of the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) methodology. We cooperate with the Materials Companies on studies related to the recycling industry, focusing our efforts on achieving our targets, improving quality and conducting research into final applications for recycled materials.


Regulatory changes and management models

The legal framework involving packaging waste evolves and undergoes changes over time. This makes it necessary to constantly analyze and evaluate the adaptation of our systems and management models. In this regard, as part of this line of work we carry out strategic studies that, while allowing us to adapt the pick-up, processing and recycling processes to existing laws, are always striving to find the most efficient solutions from a technical, financial and environmental standpoint.


Eco-design and new packaging materials

This area includes the “Design to Recycle Project”, conceived to introduce member companies to the design keys needed to make packaging more easily recyclable without generating choke points along the packaging pick-up, processing and recycling processes.

The close cooperation between Ecoembes and the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) has materialized over the years into various agreements to conduct research into recycling plastic packaging. Thanks to this we have been able to expand our knowledge in areas related to new packaging materials and their possible effects on the subsequent sorting and recycling processes.