Recycling to change lives

A social inclusion project through employment

Thanks to “Reciclar para cambiar vidas” (Recycling to change lives) we improve the employability of vulnerable people and we promote them being hired in the recycling industry, giving them a second chance. 
“Reciclar para cambiar vidas” contributes to make recycling an increasingly professionalised industry, which also has specialists among its basic operators. It is a social project based on collaboration and shared value, which has the support of “Obra Social La Caixa” and its network of social entities, Instituciones Penitenciarias, which allows the roll-out of this project in 45 prison centres and 37 companies in the recycling industry. Each agent contributes what they know best and what they can do, thus reinforcing employability and inclusion as leverage for the (re)employment and social (re)inclusion of socially excluded people. 

+4.400 personas

formadas desde 2014

427 personas

han realizado prácticas en el sector del reciclaje y los residuos desde 2017

+1.400 personas

han encontrado un puesto de trabajo en el sector desde 2017

In addition, this initiative is aligned with the following SDGs: 

  • Goal 4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. 
  • Goal 10: Reduce inequality within and among countries. 
  • Goal 17: Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development.

Second chances through recycling

Find out some of the stories from those that are involved in it. 

A story of overcoming with a positive double impact

“Reciclar para cambiar vidas” offers employment and, therefore, a decent way of life to the most vulnerable. But the benefits don’t end there. Moreover, the project gets more environmental awareness in the people hired for recycling tasks. They have checked first-hand its big importance, become the biggest drivers. Get to know it in more depth.

Join in recycling lives


  • Advice on tax incentives and administrative credits. 

  • Social clauses in contracts with the public sector. 

  • Act on the Integration of people with disability. 

  • Free service for the preselection of personnel adjusted to the needs of your companies: professional profiles related to the management of waste and any other profile required. 

  • Your company will have highly qualified candidates, thanks to the specialised training programs we develop in the field of waste management and treatment. 

  • Public recognition of the social commitment of your company in events, communications and dissemination of the project itself. 

  • Reinforcing the image of your company as a socially responsible entity. You may use the “Reciclar para cambiar vidas” (Recycling to change lives) seal on your communications. 

  • Possibility of hosting (unpaid) internships, to complete their professional competencies and improve their employability in the recycling and waste industry. 

  • Social contribution, so people at risk of exclusion can access a job matching their skills and motivations, thanks to the involvement of companies.

Platform consisting of a large territorial network of professional technical teams: 

  • 1,078 insertion specialists 

  • 411 social entities 

Project partners