Our Dedication to Suppliers

Efficiency, business ethics, and sustainable development are the three pillars on which our ethical culture is built.
These are used to describe our relationships with suppliers and are represented by a number of commitments and actions.

Principle of Efficiency

The company ensures that its suppliers have access to the resources they need to do their jobs effectively. Employees of Ecoembes who have obligations in their interactions with suppliers, contractors, and other collaborators will operate impartially, objectively, and openly.

Principle of Business Ethics

Ecoembes builds its relationship with suppliers on reciprocal trust, openness, honesty, and adherence to the law and contractual obligations. Ecoembes does not make or take money in its business dealings, and it also does not accept gifts or commissions.

The company chooses its suppliers while adhering to legal and ethical requirements, as well as objective, technological, and economic factors. It sets up the essential safeguards to keep any employee with a stake in a supplier out of decisions involving that source.

Principle of Sustainable Development

Ecoembes extends the application of its ethical, social, and environmental values and principles to its suppliers and emphasizes the need to comply with environmental laws, respect for human and workers' rights, and the ethics and compliance standards. Commitments in this area can be included by Ecoembes.

The groups and businesses it works with must carry out their operations in accordance with the organisation's environmental management policies and principles. Work that might have an impact on the environment must wait until the necessary permits and authorisations have been obtained.