Although recycling rates for household packaging in Spain increase each year, Ecoembes is never content. We aim to keep coming up with innovative ideas to assist local governments to create more accountable and sustainable communities while also adapting to your daily life. This idea served as the foundation for the RECICLOS project.


It is a Return and Reward System (RRS) that uses mobile devices and encourages environmentally conscious behaviour.

Through identification, the recycling habit has evolved digitally. You therefore win and the environment wins each time you dispose of your cans and beverage bottles in the yellow bin and register them in the RECICLOS system.

Using the latest technology

The infrastructures that currently exist and that residents frequently use (the yellow and blue bins) are modernised by RECICLOS by adding mobile technology to make them compatible with new digital habits.

Blockchain, artificial intelligence, and image recognition innovations are all part of its technical evolution. Due to all this development, the tool is now able to reinforce the relationship between the citizens and the bin via mobile phones and incentives, solidifying the recycling habit even more.

How does it work?

An app with picture recognition and QR codes makes up RECICLOS. Additionally, trash cans and bins have technology built into them so that you can connect using your phone to recycle and track how often you do so.

By doing this, you can earn awards that you can subsequently exchange for long-lasting incentives. So that responsible consumption always prevails, the number of participations, or RECICLOS, for each person is restricted.

Do you want to use RECICLOS right away? Take these actions:

  1. Create a RECICLOS app account

  2. Take a picture of the beverage cans and plastic bottles' bar codes using your smartphone

  3. When you go to recycle them, place them in the usual yellow bin or in the machines found in busy areas (such as stations, airports, universities, etc.).

What is available?

RECICLOS recognises your dedication to the environment through recycling by providing you with social or sustainable benefits like "green" transportation, conscientious consumption, charitable contributions, etc.

The best part of all, though, is that by using this advancement in the recycling strategy, you help to save the environment. Additionally, you are encouraging more environmentally sustainable mobility, the growth of local businesses, and the development of your area. Your dedication to recycling is translated into advantages for you and many others with RECICLOS.

Where is it useful?

RECICLOS is now active in a number of localities across all the Spanish Autonomous Communities.

Likewise, it can be found in some open spaces like retail malls and railway stations.
This facilitates the recycling of cans and plastic drink bottles produced inside and outside the home.

The app that rewards you for recycling

Download the app

Register in less than a minute in the RECICLOS app, available in Google Play Store and Appstore.

  • Google Play Store

  • Appstore

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