Selective collection outside the home

Selective collection outside the home


At Ecoembes we collect to recover residential packaging waste generated outside the house, additionally to the collections carried out by local administrations and entities.

Thus, we collaborate with several institutions and bodies, both public and private, recovering residential packaging generated in several places were a local selective collection is not implemented: sports centres, shopping centres, hospitals, tourist centres, miscellanea events, airports, universities, etc.

How do we do it? These are our premises

Generating residential packaging waste

Generating residential packaging waste

Impact on the environmental awareness of the public

Why carry out a selective collection?

We want everyone to recycle not just at their homes, but also outside. In short, that any person can recycle their packaging wherever they are.

Our goals

  • Environmental awareness.

  • Recovering residential packaging waste without interfering in the local selective collection.

  • Traceability of waste.

  • Exposure in the media of the organisation’s good environmental practices.

Benefits we achieve

  • Creating employment.

  • Collaborating with institutions that contribute to social and employment integration of people with a disability or at risk of exclusion.

  • Improving waste management in facilities whose waste is managed privately and, therefore, increasing their recycling rates.

  • Reducing dumping rates for companies.



We promote the selective collection of light packaging through waste managers in the private field. To do so, the waste manager itself implements the actions required to implement or improve the management of such waste within its scope of action, promoting their client’s correct management.



How to start collaborating?


If you think your company fits in the proximity collections and want to take part, follow these steps:

1. Download the following documentation to extend your information.

 2. Get in touch with us through this form to show your interest. 

3. If you meet the requirements and formalise your participation in proximity collections, these will be the documentation forms you should submit (based on RD 553/2020 on the transportation of waste) to certify the recycled tonnes of each of the materials recovered through the selective collection.

* These documents will be replaced by the documents made available by each Autonomous Region.



We collaborate with different companies and bodies, both public and private, to recover residential waste generated in spaces where there is private waste management through tailored projects.

Do you want to implement a Specific Selective Collection project?


These are the main items your proposal should cover:

  1. Introduction, including applicable regulations and reasoning for the project.

  2. Project goals: recovering packaging waste, educational value, reduction of disposal to landfill, ISO, etc.

  3. Study goals, including description of the project’s facilities.

  4. Scope of project, according to areas susceptible of generating packaging waste (vending areas, restoration, etc.).

  5. Current situation: analysis and description of use of bins, cleaning, manager, etc.

  6. Waste generation, estimating quantity and type of waste that could be potentially recovered.

  7. Management proposal: use of bins, collection and transportation, selection, traceability and follow-up.

  8. Communication of milestones achieved, awareness and training of agents involved.

  9. Development proposal.



Since 2009, we collaborate with several music festivals to implement or improve their selective waste collection of light packaging, paper and cardboard.

If you want your company to manage collection at festivals, please contact us. Then, fill in these documents.

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