Environmental projects

At Ecoembes we are firmly committed to environmentally sustainable development. 

For this reason, we carry out projects on our own and in collaboration with other institutions aiming at protecting our environment. 

Find out more about some of our most important environmental initiatives here. 

LIBERA Foundation

What is littered nature? Waste generated by humans left in the nature. It is a serious environmental problem requiring commitment and change of habits to put an end to it. 

Therefore, to fight against it, we created the LIBERA project in collaboration with SEO/BirdLife, with the goal of making society aware of the problem, prevent its reappearance and involving all areas of society in its solutions. 


Knowing the problem based on data from scientific studies and citizen science.


Sensitise on the problem through training, information and education.


Mobilisation and action against littered nature.

Upcycling the Oceans

Every year, eight million tonnes of waste end up on the sea bed; a problem that threatens marine ecosystems and their biodiversity. 
In face of this situation, in 2015 Ecoalf Foundation created Upcycling the Oceans, an initiative Ecoembes joined a year later. Our goal is to collect waste from sea beds to transform it into first quality thread. 
Discover more details of the project and everything we have attained. 

Camino del reciclaje

At Ecoembes we know there are a thousand ways of experiencing The Way of St. James, but only one of preserving it: recycling. Therefore, we set into motion the environmental project Camino de reciclaje (The Way of recycling), with which we pretend to keep the Path free of rubbish, but full of experiences and nature. 
To do so, we are in partnership with EcoPeregrinos and partner hostels (EcoAlbergues), throughout the French Way, the Northern Way, the Portuguese Way, the English Way and the Primitivo Way. 

Let the Way leave a print on you. Not yourself on it. 

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