Recycling Coordinators for Household Packaging

The collaborative recycling paradigm that Ecoembes is a part of assigns value to each of the several parties that are responsible for its proper operation:

Ecoembes' function


By paying the Green Dot fee, companies who join Ecoembes put their faith in it to uphold its legal requirement to finance the selective collection mechanism. We also work together on initiatives to innovate or save raw resources, take part in awareness-raising sessions, and offer training.


We are firmly committed to continuing to promote packaging recycling in Spain for the benefit of society. 


Ecoembes ensures that businesses in Spain will comply with their duty to pay for the selective collection of packaging for local governments. Along with facilitating payment for this crucial public service, Ecoembes works with local governments to improve its effectiveness and accessibility for residents by providing guidance and technical know-how.


The packaging recycling process is continuously under the stringent supervision and control of Ecoembes, public administrations, and outside auditors. This guarantees complete waste tracking from the time it is placed in the bin until it is sent to a recycler to be turned into fresh raw material.