Beyond Household Recycling

Can you help the circular economy in any way?

Recycle outside as well

You can recycle outside the home in some locations. Get involved and take on the circular economy challenge:

Join Libera and bring forth your inner activist

The "LIBERA, unidos contra la basuraleza" initiative was established in 2017 to reduce the effects of litter, or abandoned waste in open areas, on the different Spanish ecosystems.

To do this, LIBERA offers a three-pronged solution that focuses on information, prevention, and engagement.

As a citizen, group, organisation, enterprise, institution, or educational facility, take up the task of free nature.

You are the change.

TheCircularCampus can provide you with training in circular economy

Discover the circular economy. Visit our website, which specialises in training and learning resources, to get all the relevant information: TheCircularCampus.

Use TheCircularLab to learn and take action

Participate with your project in the open innovation centre for the circular economy, which focuses on the research, development, and testing of best practices for packaging and the recycling of that packaging.

Circular Talent Labs

Join diverse teams of young professionals and university students to collaborate on a problem specified in the context of open innovation and the circular economy.