Technical specifications for recovered materials (TSRM)

Know our quality processes

Since 1999, at Ecoembes we carry out two processes that influence our quality standards: characterising waste and controlling the quality of the materials recovered in light packaging selection plants. Both are done under ISO 900 standards.

Here we explain what each of them consists of:

Classifying waste

Determining the composition of a piece of waste in different fractions. This allows us to know in detail what is deposited in selective collection bins and, based on that, to adopt the necessary corrective measures.

Quality control

Besides classifying waste, before sending the materials to recovery and recycling companies, we control their quality.

This control meets the quality standards we named Technical specifications for recovered materials (TSRM).


What happens if the minimum standard is not reached?

If the recovery and recycling companies consider a material set does not reach the minimum quality standard, they may file a complaint through our non-conformities management procedure.

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