Employment in Ecoembes

Being a member of Ecoembes entails joining a group of professionals dedicated to both the environment and society. Find out all we can offer you, whether you are a supplier or an employee.

Working as a supplier for Ecoembes

At Ecoembes, we collaborate with the top experts to provide high-quality services that help us achieve our goals.

You must fulfil a number of conditions and go through a recruitment procedure based on particular standards if you want to become a supplier for Ecoembes. Additionally, you must abide by our standards for effectiveness, integrity in business, and sustainable development. Here, we go into great depth on everything.

Specifications for Suppliers

According to ISO 9.001 and ISO 14.001 Standards, we have built a quality management system for processes and environmental management. This implies that a set of conditions must be met by our providers. 


Recruitment Process and Awarding

We choose our suppliers based on unbiased, technical, and financial factors. 


Our Dedication to Suppliers

Efficiency, business ethics, and sustainable development are the three pillars on which the ethical culture of Ecoembes is built. These are used to describe our relationships with suppliers and are represented by a number of commitments and actions. 


Working as an Employee at Ecoembes

We are aware of how crucial having a strong team is to achieving our goals. Therefore, we carry out a number of human resources programmes that encourage ambition, growth, and a positive workplace atmosphere. We refer to our way of being as the Ecoembes Spirit, which is adaptable, horizontal, and friendly.

We wish to meet you if you share our values and want to be a part of a youthful, energetic company that takes initiative and excitement in caring for the environment and our surroundings.

One of the greatest firms in Spain to work for is Ecoembes

According to the consulting company “Great Place to Work”, we have been named one of the 50 top companies to work for in Spain in the category of 100 to 250 people for the eighth consecutive year.

Additionally, we received a nomination in the special category of Better for the World in the 2018 edition, and in 2014, we won a special prize for being the organisation that best embodies gender equity in our nation.

For us, flexibility is only one aspect of work-life balance. Each employee at Ecoembes should have a healthy balance between their personal and professional lives.

In order to achieve this, our work-life balance model aims to enhance the working environment, encourage true equality between men and women, enhance family relationships, and contribute to environmental conservation, all of which will increase productivity and efficiency.

And we carry this out through the EFR model, which has granted us the Fundación Más Familia's B+ level of accreditation as a family-friendly business (Empresa Familiarmente Responsable) and as a proactive enterprise with conciliation.


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