Innovation projects

At Ecoembes we believe innovation is key to face the environmental challenges of the future. Thus, research and the development of innovating sustainable solutions has become one of our major drives. 
Our commitment to innovation and circular economy is materialised in two of the largest projects we have carried out in the last years: TheCircularLab and TheCircularCampus. We invite you to discover them. 


The planet's sustainability is a transition from the already old linear economy, based on using and throwing away, towards a more rational model oriented at “reducing, reusing and recycling”: circular economy. This concept, which drives economic growth without setting aside the respect towards the environment, defends the transformation of waste into resources, based on innovation. 
In this context, in the middle of 2017, TheCircularLab saw the light. It is an open innovation centre specialised in circular economy, focusing its activity in studying, testing and developing the best practices in all the stages of the life cycle of packaging. We explain this in detail in this video. 

Discover this innovation centre in depth and explore its different areas and projects. And if you feel like it, you may take part in some of its activities. Everything is on their website! 


We make TheCircularCampus available to companies, a space for knowledge and higher training on circular economy and packaging to contribute to environmental sustainability by attaining the circularity of packaging. 
If you are a technician or executive in the companies that are part of Ecoembes, at TheCircularCampus you have endless resources to promote the best practices in the field of sustainability and ecodesign through information, training and participation. 

What are you going to find at TheCircularCampus? 


Relevant content and the latest on circular economy and ecodesign. 


Resources, programmes, courses and endless services related to circular economy, recycling and packaging. 


A space to share and disseminate the best practices. 

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