Social projects

We know sustainability is not only important from an environmental perspective, but also from the social perspective. 
Therefore, at Ecoembes we are sensitised to the difficulties that vulnerable people go through on a daily basis. The following projects arise from our willingness to improve the lives of all of them, through the care for the environment and recycling. 

La Música del Reciclaje

Taking the Orquesta de instrumentos reciclados de Cateura (Cateura’s recycled instruments Orchestra, Paraguay) as an inspiration, in January 2014 we set into motion this pioneering initiative in Spain, seeking to help children at risk of social exclusion through musical training
The project #LaMúsicaDelReciclaje does not only promote small musicians acquiring fundamental knowledge and values, but also instils in them the importance of recycling when caring for the environment. They even learn how to build their own recycled instruments! 
Find out about it in the project’s documentary #LaMúsicaDelReciclaje. 

Terceros en edad, primeros en reciclar

Elderly people are essential to our society, as is their involvement in the care for the environment. 
That is why we created “Terceros en edad, primeros en reciclar”. This project is specially aimed at our elderly people, driving them to recycle more and better, through leisure activities, trips to natural spaces and many more shared experiences. 
These are the 3 project lines, where elderly people are at the core. 


Crafts with recycled materials 


Games and educational activities 


Trips, visits and volunteering 

Reciclar para cambiar vidas

It is a social inclusion project to attain labour insertion of vulnerable people. 
Through "Reciclar para cambiar vidas”, we improve their employability and promote their hiring in the recycling industry, thus contributing to improving the lives of people who seek a second opportunity, by recycling. 

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