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At Ecoembes, we are never content and constantly strive to improve. For this, we look into new opportunities that let us spread the word about recycling and protecting the environment. 
The most recent projects that we worked on and that had a notable influence on society and the environment are listed below. Discover them! 


Ecohoster es la acreditación otorgada por Ecoembes que identifica a los establecimientos de alquiler turístico que contribuyen activamente en la recogida selectiva y ayudan a los turistas a realizar una correcta separación de los residuos que generan durante su estancia vacacional.  


The hotel sector is no stranger to society's growing demands for environmental responsibility in all spheres. 
Thus, the idea for our Ecohostelero project, which is geared toward the HORECA channel and all hoteliers who wish to make their businesses environmentally friendly, was conceived. Training, proper recycling of all waste produced, and material management are its major goals. 
More than 16,000 businesses already display the Ecohostelero seal to prospective customers, promoting them as environmentally conscious businesses. How about you? Are you an Ecohostelero, too? 


The Asociación Vertidos Cero, recircular, and Ecoembes are working together on an initiative to encourage less packaging waste production. 
We have established several lines of action for the purpose of providing businesses and consumers with various methods for reducing packaging waste and assisting them in addressing the new issues presented by the circular economy. Because less is almost always more! 

Zero Cabin Waste

This concept, a pioneer in the airline business, aims to recover 80% of the waste produced in aircraft cabins, including plastic bottles, cans, and bricks. 
To enhance the management of airline catering waste, this project includes initiatives such as the adoption of waste separation and collection processes, crew training, and the redesign of the garbage carts in airplanes. 
Recycling is made possible by this new sustainable management strategy, which also reduces CO2 emissions from waste generation. 

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