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LessPack is a collaborative project of Asociación Vertidos Cero, recircular and Ecoembes to reduce the generation of packaging waste by identifying opportunities that are consistent with the growing regulatory and social demands for alternatives that offer more sustainable production and consumption. In particular, several areas of activity have been undertaken to promote the disposal and reuse of packaging, in order to help companies and consumers address the new challenges of the circular economy.


Lesspack evaluates alternatives for the use of reusable packaging in the purchase of bulk products, such as manual or automatic dispensers.

It studies initiatives to reduce packaging material through refill systems, which can also take advantage of the benefits offered by solid products and concentrates.

It analyses viable alternatives for using reusable packaging in purchases for home delivery.

Project Actions

Research and selection of initiatives

200+ references collected

Training and outreach for companies

300+ companies with 600+ attendees

Consumer perception

Study with consumer organizations and focus groups nationwide

In-company implementation support

Technical assistance provided to eight packaging companies in different sectors

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