Procedure to approve other materials

What is the procedure to approve other materials like?

It is a completely outsourced and transparent process consisting of passing an audit, which observes fundamental aspects in any industrial activity in the industry, grouped in the following modules:

  • Administrative documentation

  • Economic aspects (basic documentation)

  • Environmental and quality management

  • Equipment and technological means

  • Traceability

Approval is a requirement to opt for Ecoembes’ offers, but being approved does not ensure supplying the material.

Steps in the process

1. Sending the request

The companies interested in the approval must fill in the form (spanish version) with their details.

2. Audit

The audit costs are borne by the applicant interested in the approval.

3. Report

The report includes all the aspects foreseen in the reference standard.

4. Inclusion of the company

If the company is approved, it becomes part of the “Approved Recovery/Recycling Agents List” on Ecoembes’ website. The approval will be valid for two years.

Submit your application

Request the approval for plastics here.

You can also download the following files to extend your information.

  • Approved Recovery/Recycling Agents List for Other Materials

  • List of documentation requires in audits for other materials