Assessment criteria

Assessment and award of tenders

  1.  The award will be offered to the bid with the best price, as per the criteria specified in the "Processing and Publication of Bids" section.

  2. If there are equal prices, and based on the environmental impact of transporting the material from the sorting plant to the approved destination facility (minimize emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases), the proximity to the plant or area may be considered to decide the award.

  3. For HDPE material, a bid is requested for the colour and natural fractions. The price considered in the award of each area is obtained by determining the weighted average of the price bid by each company for the colour and natural fraction. This average considers the estimated tonnes of each fraction in each award area.

Ecoembes reserves the right to request bids from three companies with the capacity to perform the corresponding contract, in the following cases 

  • (A) For a certain plant/area, if ECOEMBES did not receive any bid for the corresponding call, causing it to be cancelled.

  • (B) For a given plant/area, if the best bid submitted by a bidding company in that plant/area is abnormally low. A bid is deemed to be abnormally low if it is lower by more than 40 percentage points than the arithmetic average of: the best bids submitted for the remaining plants/areas of the corresponding call; or the bids awarded in the same plant/area in the last three calls

Note that, as in these circumstances, the 40% limit involving the award of plants/areas of the corresponding call does not apply.