Criteria for evaluating and awarding offers

Evaluating and awarding offers

The most advantageous offer will receive 100 points

  1. In the case of plants with a high production of material and lacking storage capacity, Ecoembes may determine the need to award a material to two companies.

  2. In the case of having the same prices, based on the environmental repercussion of transporting the material from the selection plant to the destination facility approved (minimising CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases), the closeness to the plant or area may break the tie.

  3. For Pead material in Light packaging, an offer for colour and natural fractions is requested. The price considered in the award for each area is obtained determining the weighted average of the price offered by each company by colour and natural fractions. For said weighting the estimate of tonnes in each fraction in each award area is considered. 

  4. In case the Awarding Committee detects significant errors in the prices offered, the bidding company will be contacted to confirm the price offered. A reply in writing will be requested from said company. In case the bidding company confirms it is an error, the offer will not be considered by the Awarding Committee.

The winner will be the offer that obtains 100 points based on the evaluation criteria stated above.

Ecoembes reserves the possibility of asking for more offers, in the following cases: 

  • If no offer is received, and therefore the call for offers is deserted.

  • If one or more offers are received and it is deemed they do not match market prices.