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At Ecoembes we work for a future without waste, having a positive impact on the environment and people's lives.

The recycling process, from beginning to end

We explain what the chain is, from the moment household packaging is placed in the market to its arrival at recycling plants. You will also see how this process contributes to drive circular economy.

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Access our new transparency portal, where you will find more detailed information on our activity.

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Financing the recycling system of household packaging in Spain

Certifying and controlling the process of recycling household packaging containers

Data on the recycling of household packaging in Spain

Recycling: all you need to know

  • The importance of separating well

    The key for everything to work: separating each packaging in its own bin. That is why we give you here some recommendations and we alert you of the most common errors so you can learn how to do it correctly. 

  • Yes, you can also promote circular economy

    Circular economy seeks to turn waste back into resources. Driving it is not only in the hands of companies and organisations. You can also contribute to it, adopting some easy steps in your daily life. 

  • Why recycle? These are its benefits

    Among other things, we avoid containers becoming waste and we preserve the planet’s natural resources. Recycling is only a small gesture that may have big benefits. Find out about them! 

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SDG: we work on projects with a high impact

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