Terceros en edad, primeros en reciclar

Because the involvement of elderly people in recycling is essential

Terceros en edad, primeros en reciclar” (“Late in life, first in recycling”) is an initiative designed and aimed specifically at elderly people, an essential group to move forward in recycling and who constitute great circularity ambassadors for the future generations. 

Today there are more than 8.8 million people above 65 years old in Spain, with an exponential growth projection. In addition, they have been applying residential ecology all their life out of historical habit: used to a lacking economy, they save resources, consume wisely and reuse as much as possible.  Their active participation is crucial for the sustainability map. 

The programme has a double aim:

  1. Connect with them, bring recycling closer to their needs, interests and aspirations, empowering them and making them feel essential in the common challenge of caring for the environment through recycling. 

  2. Recycling more and better among elderly people and their closest environment. Our elderly people transfer knowledge to their relatives, friends, grandchildren, etc., based on their knowledge and culture. 

Furthermore, this initiative is aligned with the following SDGs: 

  • Goal 4: To ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. 

Keep reading to find out the activities that help us to attain this goal. 

Activities to recycle more actively and reinforce skills

Our programme includes cross-generational leisure activities, workshops and trips related to recycling, that promote social, psychomotor and learning skills. It is a package we make available to any senior centre –active participation centres, day centres and homes for the elderly– interested in new activities for their elder users. 


Crafts with recycled materials 


Games and educational activities 


Trips, visits and volunteering 

Creativity, concentration and manual tasks

Recycling photocall and “Picture frame with recycled materials” workshop (cross-generational activity)

The recycling fair “Traditional games with recycled materials” (cross-generational activity)

“Basket with recycled newspapers” workshops

“Flowerpot with recycled cans” workshop

“Piggy-bank with recycled materials” workshop

Skills, learning and awareness

“The challenge of recycling” game

Outdoor trips and waste volunteering

Trip to a waste management and treatment plant

Libera Project, nature without waste. Environmental volunteering