Removing an approval

What does it entail?

Removing the approval to a recovery and recycling company will entail terminating the contracts entered into with the company and may imply impossibility to obtain the approval again for two years.

  1. False information provided by the company to Ecoembes to access the status of approved recycler, understanding as such the lack of faithfulness in the data or requirements that are essential to obtaining the approval.

  2. Breach of the provisions in the representation clause signed by the Recovery/Recycling agent.

  3. Breach of any of the requirements reviewed during the approval and considered to be mandatory.

  4. Breach of any of the contracts with Ecoembes.

  5. Breach of any observation included in the approval report.

  6. Lack of evidence of traceability of materials delivered by Ecoembes.

  7. Imposition of final sanctions by the competent Administration within an administrative procedure regarding aspects considered in the approval and/or sentence by means of a court ruling to the company or any of its directors for a crime related to any of the requirements reviewed considered to be mandatory.

  8. Loss of a permit and/or registration that must be in force during the facility’s activity.

  9. Cease of activity The approval will be lost, if not reported to Ecoembes, after the approval team checking the activity has ceased for a period of three consecutive months.

  10. Breach of the duty to inform Ecoembes of changes to the requirements reviewed and considered to be mandatory.

  11. Concurrence of other circumstances that may substantially modify the conditions under which the approval was granted to the company (transferring the facility, subcontracting, mergers, spin-offs, transformation of the company, change of corporate name, etc.) and which do not adhere to the procedure provided for that purpose for this cases in paragraph 3.

Suspending the approval


Moreover, the approval of a recovery and recycling company may be suspended due to temporary cease of activity due to force majeure (fire, flooding, etc.).

It will be necessary that the recovery and recycling company informs ECOEMBES of the temporary cease of activity within the following seven days. Once the activity is resumed, the approval team will check the correct performance of the production process. If the verification is successful, the suspension will be lifted. Otherwise, Ecoembes may impose corrective measures or, if applicable, remove the approval definitively.