Recycling in the Office

Recycling, in our opinion at Ecoembes, is more than simply a home chore. Wherever we are, whether inside or outside the house, we should do it. Why? Recycling household packaging offers several advantages for both the environment and society.

Do you run a business and wish to recycle?

When businesses wish to adopt selective package collection at their facilities, Ecoembes works with them, giving them information and assessing their particular needs.

These businesses transform into Smart Work Centres (SWC) and aid in giving the packaging waste they generate a new life by employing a selective collecting system.

Establishing a Smart Work Centre is very easy


Simply click the button below to access the form and complete it. We will evaluate your circumstances and the requirements of your company. After that, we will offer you a diagnostic for setting up the collecting system at your business.


This is how the method of selective collecting works

After you become a Smart Work Centre, here is how we will handle the waste collection procedure.

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