Specifications for suppliers

According to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Standards, we have built a quality management system for processes and environmental management.

Our suppliers must adhere to specific environmental, technological, and ethical criteria in order to get contracts for their services. We describe them in this section.

To what are these criteria related?

Our suppliers must adhere to a number of criteria in relation to:

  • The privacy of the data to which they would have access while rendering services

  • The handling of personal information in compliance with the relevant laws

  • Adopting ethical environmental management practices while providing services

  • Respect for their moral principles

  • According to the Packaging Law, if a corporation is in charge of putting packaged goods on the market, it must also be in charge of managing the waste created when such products reach the end of their useful lives

  • Sorting packaging waste for collection and recycling at its facilities

  • Billing through the Billing Portal (Portal de Facturación) for services received

Access to all Data

  • Download the supplier approval criteria here

  • Get the Code of Conduct for Ecoembes-Related Organisations, Suppliers, Recyclers, and Collector Companies by downloading it.

  • Download the Code of Good Housekeeping Practices in Ecoembes' offices


Have you received a service from us?

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