Recycling activities in the classroom

Proposals by educational cycle

Activities for kindergarten

Giving packaging a fresh lease of life

By creating an ecocity, we will educate ourselves on the value of protecting the environment. 

A packaging, a treasure

We shall see that packaging can "magically" transform into other objects as a result of recycling. 

A world of colours

Our collective efforts to protect the environment will be depicted in a mural.

Primary school activities 

Invitation to create

We will study the 3 R's rule and how to apply it. 

Recycling can teach you a lot

We will start working as investigative journalists to find out how much our families recycle. 

To change the world, you matter

We will consider the advantages of recycling in people's lives while watching a short video and a documentary. 

Adults and Secondary school activities 

A never-ending cycle

We will look at the operation of the recycling cycle and the part that each agent plays. 

Materials Laboratory

We will experiment with various packaging options to observe how well they respond to consumer demands.

Enjoy at Econline

We will share the love of recycling with others through social media.