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The life cycle of packaging

The best way of identifying action areas to minimise the environmental impact of a product is to go through its life cycle.

But before analysing the life cycle of a packaged product, we must remember the characteristics of the packaging are determined by the product contained. For this reason, it is necessary to add an additional step to these strategies: analysing the feasibility of improving the product we want to market. We must analyse the options available and assess their feasibility from a technical, economic and environmental perspective to be sure the decision made is the right one.

These are the stages of the life cycle of the packaged product where you can take steps to improve its environmental performance.

Best in class

Best in Class is the tool supporting ecodesign that Ecoembes offers to the companies that are part of its ecosystem. It uses industry information and manages to reach a higher detail level, allowing to compare packaging weights for an industry, material and specific volumes (i.e.: shampoo bottle, 400ml, HDPE plastic). 
These are some of the questions you may find regarding your packaging. 

The “Speedometer” provides information, through percentiles, of how optimised your packaging is compared to the lightest ones declared in the industry. The closer you get to the green area, the more optimised the weight of your packaging is compared to others marketed in that category. 

The radar chart establishes a scoring system from 0 to 10, being 10 the highest score, represented by the green line, and 5 the average, in orange. The closer your packaging (blue line) gets to the green line, the more optimised the parameter represented by the corresponding vertex is. 

The calculator estimates the potential saving of material that you could achieve if all the packaging elements had the weight of the Best in Class. 

Access the tool from the Business Portal, in the section Added Value Services. 

Have you made a change or improvement to your packaging?

All actions done to packaging reducing their environmental impact may be included as measures in Business Prevention Plans. 
If you identify any action that has already been implemented in your company, you can register it on our private portal app, by clicking on the following link. 

Do you still have any doubts? We advise you

If you need help identifying measures, please contact us through our Customer Service or write to us at PlanesdePrevencion@ecoembes.com. 

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