Markings of Packaging

Our household items' packaging has a

Green Dot on it as a mark of quality. By using this mark, packaging firms demonstrate compliance with their duty to guarantee correct management and are using the Ecoembes-managed packaging waste management model.

This packaging must be marked with the Green Dot sign in accordance with a set of specifications and guidelines to ensure that it is legible and long-lasting. Read on to learn the proper method.

The Green Dot Symbol

Two connected arrows forming a circle on a vertical axis make up the symbol. The upper arrow must be dark green in color and point to the right. On the other hand, the bottom arrow must be light green and point left. The insignia might be modified to match the packaging's colours, though, to save on additional packaging expenses.

  • Download the technical requirements for the Green Dot symbol.


  • Download the Green Dot symbol in vector format.

Use of the Green Dot symbol: Guidelines

To ensure that citizens can easily recognise the emblem, the following guidelines must be followed:

  • Under no circumstances may it be changed.

  • It must be printed in its entirety.

  • Its dimensions must be respected.

  • It cannot be finished with visual components.

  • It may only be changed with Ecoembes' permission.

How to properly mark your packaging

The marking must be sufficiently persistent and durable, easily readable, and plainly visible even after the packaging has been opened.

Given the following scenarios, the Green Dot must be included at least on the packaging of the minimum sales unit, or on packaging that a customer can purchase as a product on a shelf:


  • If it is possible to separate the sales units, each one should be marked with a Green Dot (e.g., a 6-pack of cans of soft drinks, which can be purchased in units).

  • If the sales unit is completely undivided, the packer is only allowed to identify the box that contains those units (e.g., a box of 10 tea bags or a pack of three cans of tuna in oil).

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