Packaging Declaration. What is it and how it is done?

Why submit the declaration every year?

The Packaging Act (Ley de Envases) provides that companies are responsible for the waste generated by the packaged goods they place in the market. Before the 28th of February of every year, they must report to the Collective Extended Producer Responsibility System (SCRAP, in Spanish) of which they form part, in this case Ecoembes, the packaging they place in the market the previous year. This is done through the so-called Packaging Declaration.

The Packaging Declaration includes the economic contribution calculation regarding the packaged goods traded by the company in the last calendar year. This contribution will depend both on the number of packaging placed in the market and their weight and the type of material.

To ensure that all companies that are part of Ecoembes comply with their legal obligations and verify the quality of the data reported, we establish several control mechanisms and offer a declaration support service.

We explain everything below.

Different types of declaration

As a company, you have three different models for submitting your packaging declaration:

Ordinary declaration

You must provide detailed information on the products, packaging and annual sales.

Simplified declaration

It is available for companies that generate less than 12 tonnes of packaging placed in the market.

Declaration of service bags and packaging

If you are a retailer, a manufacturer or a supplier of service bags and packaging, the procedures for declaring them may differ.

How to manage your packaging outside of Spain

You may do so through the Pro-Europe organisation, which is trained by the entities responsible for Green Dots in Europe. At the Councils of this organisation, the managers of the Green Dot Symbol in each country exchange useful information to improve the system and coordinate actions before institutions.

At present, the Pro-Europe organisation is trained by companies managing the Integrated Management System (IMS) in thirty-five countries. Check here the entities responsible for the Green Dot in Europe.

What happens if I do not submit the declaration on time?

The annual packaging declaration must be submitted before the 28th of February, according to section 15 of the Rules on the development and execution of Law 11/1197. If you just joined Ecoembes, however, you have one month from the receipt of the signed contract to do so.

If the declaration is not submitted on time, the company is excluded from the annual report Ecoembes sends on the 31st of March to Autonomous Communities regarding companies who have submitted the declaration. In addition, a delay in the submission of the declaration entails an economic penalty, according to the provisions in the Ecoembes adhesion contract (clause 13.4).

Learn about our control mechanisms

At Ecoembes we establish control and verification mechanisms for packaging declarations that do not only redound on the preservation of the environment, but also on all companies that are part of Ecoembes. Here we give you all the details.

Do you need help to prepare your declaration?

We want this process to be as quick and easy as possible for you. Therefore, we offer you different help options.

Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the most common queries companies send us regarding the packaging declaration.


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