Register of producers

On 29 December 2022, a new Register of Producers went into effect in Spain, as set out in Royal Decree 1055/2022 on Packaging and Packaging Waste.

Producers of products that place packaging on the Spanish market, whether household, commercial or industrial, are required to be listed in said register and declare in it the packaging placed on the market from the year 2021 onwards.

The Register of Producers is managed by the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITERD) through its website, the packaging section of which specifies all the information needed to register.

If I am a producer, what do I have to do?

STEPS TO FOLLOW: log into the MITERD website with an electronic certificate and enter the following information:

  1. Producer data: entered directly when logging in with the certificate
  2. Choose the packaging section
  3. Enter the company's CNAE
  4. Select the categories of packaging that the company puts on the market
  5. Provide the Ecoembes certificate of membership, which can be downloaded from the companies portal.
  • GLASS PACKAGING: Ecoembes member companies that report glass packaging will have to register by selecting ECOEMBES/ECOVIDRIO as the EPR system.
  • COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL PACKAGING OUTSIDE THE SCRAP: companies that place commercial and/or industrial packaging on the market that are outside the SCRAP will have to register by selecting NOT ESTABLISHED for the RAP system until they join an EPR system (the deadline for joining an EPR system is 31 December 2024).

There are two reporting procedures: a general one and a simplified one. The producers to which the simplified declaration applies are:

  • Producers that place fewer than 15 tonnes of packaging on the market per year.
  • First distributor or merchant of the product in Spain when it comes from a country outside Spain and there is no authorised representative.
  • E-commerce platforms that declare for their producers. In this case, they must also provide an Excel document containing the data of the producers for which they are reporting the information on the packaging placed on the market in a subsidiary manner.

STEPS TO FOLLOW: Log into the MITERD website with an electronic certificate and enter the following data:

1. Select whether the packaging is‘ Beverages’ or ‘Non-Beverages’.

2. Select the types of packaging that apply.

3. For each type, enter the number of units placed on the market and, if applicable, the years of service life and the average number of rotations.

4. For each type, select the different materials that make them up.

5. For each material, indicate the weight in tonnes and the % of recycled material.


fecha reporte

Below is more detailed information for registering (in Spanish).

How can Ecoembes help you?

At Ecoembes, we streamline the procedures for our companies with the Register of Product Producers through a free support service that includes:

  • Assistance collecting the data to be declared to MITERD in the Register of Producers, for household, commercial and industrial packaging.

  • Processing of the registration and declaration from Ecoembes on behalf of the company.

See what assistance is provided and step-by-step details in this guide (in Spanish).