Commercial packaging

If your company places commercial packaging on the market, starting 1 January 2025, it will have to pay and arrange for the processing of the waste it generates.

Ecoembes can help you satisfy this new responsibility through a new Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) system: Ecoembes Comerciales.

This way, you get a comprehensive solution with one intermediary to comply with the PRO for all your packaging. 

Is your packaging commercial?

Packaging is commercial when it is not deemed to be for household use and it is intended for the use and consumption typical of the (wholesale and retail) commercial activity of catering services and bars, offices and markets, as well as the rest of the service sector.

New responsibility of companies

Royal Decree 1055/2022 on Packaging and Packaging Waste sets out Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for commercial packaging as of 1 January 2025. From then on, producers will have to pay and arrange for the processing of their commercial waste.

Companies will be able to comply with their EPR for commercial packaging individually or collectively, through a Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) system. All other obligations that are not financial or organizational must be complied with individually.

Until now, EPR only applied to household packaging, which more than 16,000 companies have complied with collectively through Ecoembes for over 25 years.

Why join Ecoembes Comerciales?

Through Ecoembes you will be able to satisfy the EPR for all your packaging through a single intermediary.

In addition to fulfilling your obligations, you will have access to a range of services and advantages as a Circular Company.

The PRO draws on the expertise and synergies built up by Ecoembes over its 25-year history.

Ecoembes Comerciales ensures that the packaging is processed in keeping with efficiency standards.

The Ecoembes PRO for Commercial Packaging

The Ecoembes Comerciales PRO is available to help companies provide a comprehensive response with a single intermediary to comply with the EPR for all their packaging, handling all the processing for them and offering a solid solution built on a track record of experience.

Our purpose is to guarantee for this waste type the quality management, efficiency, operational agility and regulatory compliance that have characterized the separate collection of light household packaging during the last quarter century.

This PRO is endorsed by the Ecoembes Comerciales Association and is the result of the collaborative efforts of 26 organizations - companies and leading associations of packagers and distributors - who have participated in defining the statutes and governing principles that will guide the activities of the PRO, which will continue to be developed throughout 2024 so it can help companies comply with their obligations starting in 2025.

How can you join?

If you want to comply with the EPR for your commercial packaging through Ecoembes, you can now sign a commitment to join the Ecoembes Comerciales PRO.