When and how are packaging invoices issued?

To regularise the discrepancy between what was provisionally invoiced the previous year and the actual data collected in the current declaration, Ecoembes provides a fifth invoice or credit note in addition to four quarterly invoices, each representing a quarter of the total declaration.

According to the provisions of the membership agreement with Ecoembes, as a business, you are required to make the payments via SEPA Direct Debit.


For all businesses who are Ecoembes members, an electronic format is used for the invoice issuance function.

With complete assurance of privacy and validity, this solution enables you to download and examine invoices straight from the Companies Portal. By reducing our use of paper, we not only protect the environment but also fully ensure our customers' privacy and authenticity.

Invoicing Schedule


N-1 Provisional Statement: €1,200

N-1 Final Statement/Provisional no.: €1,500

Special cases

For statements totalling less than 400€, Ecoembes will send you a single invoice in March, with a 30 June payment deadline.

During the year in which they are submitted, statements for retroactive periods will be billed with a due date that is one month from the date of the invoice

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