Do you sell packaged goods?

You should be a member of a Collective Extended Producer Responsibility System (SCRAP, in Spanish), like the one provided by Ecoembes, if your business is in charge of introducing household plastic, paper, cardboard, metal, and carton packaging to the market for the first time.

By becoming a circular business in this way, you may use the packaging waste you produce as raw material to create new goods.

Your business must abide by the packaging law if...

  1. You place goods on the market that are likely to reach the final consumer within the national territory and are packaged under your own or a distribution brand.

  2. You make or package goods that are likely to reach the final consumer within the national territory.

  3. You import goods that are likely to reach the final consumer within the national territory.

  4. You are a business that offers a product in addition to bags, wrappers, and trays.

  5. You engage in e-commerce.

Know your responsibilities

Since 1996, Ecoembes has assisted businesses with recycling, environmental law compliance, and packaging design based on eco-design principles.

Here, we outline your responsibilities and how we can support you.

Control packaging waste effectively

Learn about joining Ecoembes.

Draft a packaging declaration every year

Find out the appropriate management costs as well as which packaging to include.

Reducing the impact of packaging on the environment

We support your efforts to include eco-design in the production of your packaging.

Are you an overseas business? What you should know is as follows

All international businesses who are Ecoembes members are required to disclose the packaging of any goods they sell directly to Spanish customers through either distance selling or online shopping.

Learn what to do if your business is located in Europe and when you shouldn't apply to join Ecoembes.

You can also refer to the Information Folder for Foreign Companies for further details.

Learn more about the companies that have already joined Ecoembes

Over 12,000 businesses have already signed up with Ecoembes. Learn their names and the Autonomous Community where they are situated.

Do you have a certain business in mind? Make it simple with our search engine.

Rules for managing packaging waste

Learn about the most recent national and European laws governing the handling of packaging waste.

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