Hub for knowledge, training and services on circular economy

Ecoembes offers The CircularCampus, a space for knowledge, higher training and services on circular economy whose goals is to contribute to environmental sustainability by reaching the circularity of packaging, to executives and technicians at the companies that are part of Ecoembes. 
This project is framed within Ecoembes’ promotion of circular economy launched in 2017 by creating TheCircularLab, the first innovation centre in the field in Europe. 


Learn with our courses on ecodesign and circular economy

These are some of the active programmes available to you at TheCircularCampus. 

Ecodesign strategies for packaging

Find inspiration from actions that environmentally improve packaging. 

Environmental Diagnosis Tools

Know the different methodologies to identify the most relevant environmental aspects. 

Ecodesign methodology for packaging

Learn how to integrate ecodesign within your organisation. 

Get informed on the latest trends with the Packaging Observatory

The Observatorio del Envase del Futuro (the Packaging of the Future Observatory) is an online platform for knowledge on packaging, where you can check and customise alerts on news and trends all around the world, including new materials, ecodesign measures, changes in legislation, new technologies and innovation, etc. 
In addition, each month there is a Workshop where the most relevant results are presented and the trends in the packaging sector are analysed. The attendants may get to know this information first-hand and solve their queries with packaging experts. 

Promote the recycling of your packaging

Correct separation of packaging waste is essential for its recycling. Include this symbol on the packaging and make it easier for citizens. 

We may also help you become a Sustainable Work Centre (CTS, in Spanish), implementing a selective collection system for your packaging. 

Act against littered nature

Drive your CSR and commitment to the environment joining the LIBERA Companies initiative, whose goal is to achieve a nature without waste 
Know the different ways you have of collaborating and choose the one that best adapts to your company. 

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Identifying measures for Prevention Plans

Discover the measures implemented by other companies in their packaging to make them more sustainable. 


Supporting the implementation of Prevention Plans

We help you to place packaging that is more environmentally friendly in the market.