Preventative Measures

Toward circular packaging

Since our inception, Ecoembes has helped companies to implement prevention measures that allow them to create more environmentally friendly packaging, thus furthering its circularity. Learn everything you need to know about prevention measures below.

What is a prevention measure?

Law 7/2022 on waste and contaminated soils for a circular economy defines prevention as the set of measures adopted in the conception and design, production, distribution and consumption phases of a substance, material or product, in order to reduce:

  1. The amount of waste, including by reusing or extending the life span of products.

  2. The adverse impacts of the waste generated on the environment and human health, including savings in the use of materials or energy.

  3. The content of hazardous substances in materials and products.

Therefore, a measure has a quantitative aspect related to reducing the amount of packaging material, and a qualitative aspect that involves the impact that these materials can have on the environment. In addition, the modification made may affect one or more packaging elements of the same packaged product.

Corporate Prevention and Ecodesign Plan

The classification of several activities (each corresponding to a measure) performed on packaging in accordance with the standards outlined in the Preventive Business for Prevention is known as a prevention action.

Every measure must always be linked to at least one preventive action thanks to the standardisation of the various practices, but the firm is given some latitude in how it declares its measurements. This aggregate data study of the data is made possible by the standardisation of the various practices.

How are the measures classified?

Since Ecoembes prepares an industry plan that covers multiple companies, it establishes a common framework for properly grouping all the information reported by them. Because of this, the companies enrolled in the plan have to classify their measures based on the following distribution of policies and actions.

Monitoring of preventative measures

Verification is the process through which a group of external and independent auditors, who work each year, monitor the preventative measures included in the Sectoral Plan created by Ecoembes.

If your business is chosen to participate in the Measure Verification process, you will simply need to gather evidence that the preventative measure you reported to Ecoembes has been implemented.

Some of the documents you should gather are as follows:

How is a measure registered?

If your business has complied with the Business Plan for Prevention and you have chosen and implemented prevention measures in your packaging, you can let us know about these actions by using the Contribution of Measures application, which you can access through the Portal of Member Companies by entering your username and password.

Do you have access to the Capture application?

Additionally, you have a User Manual that will make it easier for you to contribute measures and that will provide you with comprehensive details on the above-mentioned policies and activities.