Ordinary packaging declaration

What packaging has to be reported?

Every item manufactured with materials of any kind used to contain, protect, handle, distribute or present goods, from raw materials to finished products, at any stage in the manufacturing, distribution and consumption chain, qualifies as packaging.

In the case of commercial and industrial packaging, as a company you may transfer the responsibility of the waste to its last owner.

Here we detail which packaging is subject to declaration and which is not and its peculiarities.

Packaging subject to declaration and contribution to the IMS (IMS formats)

  1. Mandatorily: All packaging susceptible of being acquired for consumption by individuals, provided the collection of packaging waste generated corresponds to local entities. This packaging must be placed in the market through a Deposit and Return System or an Integrated Management System, in which case they must economically contribute to the system to make its recovery and subsequent treatment possible.

  2. Voluntarily: Commercial packaging, provided Local Entities are responsible for the waste management. Packaging for own use and consumption in shops and services, provided it may not be acquired for consumption by individuals, qualifies as commercial packaging.

Packaging for which the company will not have to contribute to the IMS (NO IMS formats)

  • Commercial packaging: when the responsibility for waste management is transferred to the last owner (instead of voluntarily adhering the packaging to the IMS)

  • Industrial packaging: for own use and consumption during the industrial activity, farming or stock breeding. They will always be included in the NO IMS section in the declaration.

  • Reusable packaging: reuse is any activity where the packaging is created and designed for a minimum number of circuits, shifts, rounds or uses throughout its life cycle. This packaging will be considered to be waste when it is no longer reused.

  • Packaging placed in the market through the deposit and return system.

Special cases to bear in mind

Here we give you additional information that may be interesting when preparing the packaging declaration: how to meet the legal requirement to report to the Autonomous Community everything regarding the packaging material and how to act in the case of distribution brands or imports.

Discover our Declaration Help Service

If you have difficulty preparing the packaging declaration, we make available to you a help service consisting of the following characteristics and benefits:

This service has no additional cost for companies, although the number of Declaration Help Services per year is limited.

The companies that are part of Ecoembes are obliged to submit, before the 28 February of each year, a Packaging Declaration that is normally filled using the software Ecosoft. This service will consist of analysing the information to support the preparation of the declaration submitted by the companies that are part of Ecoembes (both IMS packaging and NO IMS packaging) and to propose a data structure compatible with the Ecosoft model. Once the proposal is validated by the company, Ecoembes will load the Packaging Declaration, thus completing the delivery process in due time and manner.

  • Delivering the Packaging Declaration on time (28 February).
  • Aligning Ecoembes’ need for information with the information available in the company.
  • Consolidating, from the company’s side, the concepts associated to the packaging declaration.
  • Having information quality and learning how to prepare the declaration in the future.
  • Exemption from reviews of packaging declarations done by Ecoembes.:
    • Subcontracting audits
    • Verifying PEP measures
  • Identifying possible prevention measures and ecodesign measures.
  • Having advice on the detailed preparation and uploading of the declaration.
  • Phone or in-person customised support whenever necessary.

  • Submitting the packaging declaration under the ordinary declaration mode (through the Ecosoft software).
  • Having a contract in force with Ecoembes and being up to date with the obligations resulting from said contract.
  • Filling and sending the “Request form”.
  • Submitting the documentation necessary to prepare the packaging declaration before 4 February of the current year. If the documentation is received after that date, Ecoembes will assess whether to automatically suspend the service.
  • In order to make the most of the experience, the availability of the people in the Company involved in preparing the Packaging Declaration on the dates set for the service must be ensured.
  • Ecoembes will assess the need for an on-premises visit to the company to facilitate the preparation of the declaration.

Once the documentation described in the previous section has been received, after checking the request meets all the participation requirements, the award of help in the packaging declaration will be done based on the score obtained for the following criteria:

  • 5 points: Complexity of the declaration based on the information compiled in the Request form.
    • Lower average life of references (2 points)
    • Other aspects: resource planning systems, availability of specifications, number of departments involved in preparing the declaration, ... (1 point)
    • Greater number of references (2 points)
  • 3 points: No participation in previous editions of the Declaration Help Service. The Service will be offered for a maximum of 2 consecutive years.
  • 2 points: Implementation of selective compilation of packaging in corporate facilities. The company must certify this requirement in the Request form.
  • 2 points: Implementation of selective compilation of packaging in corporate facilities. The company must certify this requirement in the Request form.